Knowledge management

The knowledge management area is set out as hybrid libraries, that combine a digital library (formed by journals and electronic resources available online, both free and subscription-based, as well as services such as documentation centers, taylor-made libraries, customised to the end-user institution's needs.

The Fundació Salut i Envelliment has ample experience in the design of information products and services aimed at healtcare professionals, aimed at satisfying the information needs of several kinds of institutions..

What do we offer?

  • Medicine Digital Resource Center (CREM): Evolution of the traditional data base concept towards a center that manages digital resources organized by topic, allowing simplified retrieval by the user
  • Design of Monographic Specialized Libraries (BEM): personalized libraries for every center, integrating concepts such as usability, user-friendliness and navegability
  • Added valued product implementation: search, evaluation and selection of quality informative resources
  • Consulting in selection and acquisition of new content and bibliographic services available in the market (subscription agregator service)
  • Training to the user community in bibliographic searches and the use of tools, both online and face-to-face
  • Tailored Libraries (BaM): Bibliographic service of subscription-based update of topics of interest in order to recieve by e-mail the latest published references on the desired topics.
  • Commitment with quality: Acreditations of our contents and services for national and international organizations.
  • Experience and high specialization of our staff: Our team of library and information specialists offer support and advice in all kinds of bibliographic research, reference service, document supplying, etc.
  • Accountability and quality control of projects: follow-up of statistical results and process analysis in order to provide the best final quality.