Research for patients

The vision of patients and citizens

The Fundació Salut i Envelliment integrates in its research area a strand centered around the priorities and needs of patients and another one focused on knowing the vision of healthcare professionals and health agents. With a combined trajectory of over ten years, the FSIE has stood out for its contribution to scientific knowledge related to participation of patients in health-related relations, y to the perspective that they can provide to improve health services. Different methodologies have been applied, such as quantitative methods through surveys, a well as qualitative methods like focus groups, interviews, Delphi methods or citizen juries.


  • Research about the vision of patients and citizens in relation to health and healthcare. Propose and promote strategies of improvement and recommendations that can bring quality to the health care process.
  • Work with healthcare professionals in the creation of new quality standards with more effective and patient-centered interventions
  • Trabajar al lado de los profesionales de la salud en la elaboración de nuevos estándares de calidad con intervenciones más efectivas y centradas en el paciente.
  • Generar participación, no sólo de personas afactadas por una determinada patología, sino de la sociedad en general en temas de salud y sanidad.

Research strands

The research strands of the Fundació Salut i Envelliment cover the following stratgic objectives:

  • Knowing and evaluating the experience of patients and citizens: The use of different methodologies allows us to identify and understand the health-related experiences and priorities of patients.
  • Lead change-promoting initiatives. Our research work side to side with health professionals allows for incorporatnig the perspective from patients and citizens, in order to improve the quality of health care services.
  • Building a base for evidence in individual and collective experiences to provide information about quality on health policy. The promotion of actions and strategies lets us respond to the needs set out by patietns, caregivers and citizens that use health care services..

Study areas

  • Citizen participation on health topics
  • Needs and preferences of patients and caregivers.
  • Vision of health professionals
  • Health Literacy

Psychosocial research adds value, because:

  • Provides vision and values about specific sectors
  • Reveals needs of patients, family and caregivers
  • Helps in the assessment of healthcare services
  • Shows priorities and preferences of patients
  • Proposes improvement strategies
  • Carries out change
  • Improves conscience and responsability on health matters

¿What can we offer?

  • Qualitative research
  • Opinion surveys
  • Metaforums or expert panels
  • Multimedia products and services
  • Social network and internet research


The Fundació Salut i Envelliment applies research in order to :

  • Design multimedia products and services:
  • Develop educational materials for patients
  • Train patients and healthcare professionals